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#StreetsAreWatching: Was Troy Ave Trying to Shoot Taxstone?

Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, has been charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon in a shooting that took place during a T.I. concert last week. When the news first broke it was confirmed that a 33-year-old man was killed and three other people were wounded when gunfire broke out during a rap concert at Irving Plaza in Manhattan sending panicked concertgoers streaming for the exits, the police and witnesses said.

Quickly as the news broke a video surfaced allegedly showing Troy Ave shooting at an unknown target.

Troy was released from the hospital a few days later after recovering from the gun shot wound to the leg. He was wheeled into Manhattan criminal court where he plead not guilty and held without bail.

Well...what seemed like possible self-defense has now turned into a possible murder charge.

A minivan with out-of-state license plates rolled up to a hospital two miles from the scene of a fatal shooting last week, the police said.

Investigators obtained a warrant to search the van, and the police said they found a secret compartment hiding three firearms, including a Kel-Tec PF-9 semiautomatic pistol. The weapon was discovered in a hidden compartment underneath the vehicle's center console.

The New York Police Department said on Thursday (6/2/16) that ballistics tests confirmed the pistol was the sole gun used in the shooting. The gun matched six shell casings recovered after the shooting, which left  Troy Ave’s longtime friend and bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, killed.

Do you think Troy Ave accidentally shot his bodyguard to get at podcaster TaxStone? Rumors are buzzing...

ForeverMeah says...Be safe tho, Beloved.

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