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Black Ink Crew Chicago: Who's Rachel Leigh’s Baby Daddy?

Yes, I too enjoy the ratchets and last night was no different. +VH1  introduced us to a new spin-off show called Black Ink Crew Chicago.  

Taking its viewers into the life of Chicago's prominent tattoo shop, 9Mag

I must admit it was very refreshing looking at these fine brothers handle business and surprisingly they are not only good looking they can actually TATTOO (what a concept).

The show opens up giving a brief insight of each cast member and what they do for the company. Something that was clearly missing from Black Ink New York. 

The cast includes:

Ryan is the owner of 9Mag, a prominent Chicago tattoo shop. Ryan created 9Mag as a legacy to his late sister and niece. Ryan's drive and ambition are the strength of 9Mag, and he'll do whatever he can to keep his family together.

Kat is the hottest female tattoo artist in the Chicago area. She is the "little sister" of the shop and has the guys wrapped around her finger. Phor and Kat flirt shamelessly, but Kat finds it hard to commit because of her ambitious career goals.

Phor is a 9Mag tattoo artist, but his true love lies with music. He burns the candle at both ends - tattooing, spending time in the studio, and, of course, partying with his 9Mag family. He's quite the ladies' man, but he has his eye on Kat.

Charmaine is 9Mag's event planner. Her flirtatious nature creates tension and drama in the shop, especially between Don and his girlfriend, Ashley. But that doesn't stop Charmaine from tearing it up on AND off the dance floor. This Southern belle is a fireball and definitely knows how to capture a room.

Don is Phor's little brother, best friend, and assistant. Don has a great sense of humor and a big heart. Though he gets into his fair share of trouble, Don tries to maintain his focus so he can provide for his girlfriend, Ashley, and their two year old son, DJ.

Danielle is 9Mag's "good girl" receptionist who strives to keep it together when things are far from perfect. She is Charmaine's cousin, and Kat's former college roommate. While Danielle has her life together, she definitely knows how to throw down and party with the best of them. And, if you mess with her girls, watch out!

Van is Ryan's former business rival, and got his start tattooing in his mom's basement. Over time, he developed an incredible reputation as an artist. He took it to another level when he partnered with Ryan, his previous competition. Van is the "big brother" of the group and always tries to hold it down for the 9Mag family.

Did anyone notice how they deliberately omitted who's the baby daddy of  Ryan's ex-girlfriend Rachel Leigh 3-year old son? 

Photo: Bossip.Com

I immediately went to 'black twitter' and inquired about the mystery sperm donor only to be shocked that it was R&B singer Jeremih! 

As he mentioned with Billboard last November, the singer felt that many of his struggles toward the end of 2014 partially stemmed from an ongoing fight he had been engaging in to get rights to see his then 2-year-old son:
Jeremih says he’s ultimately responsible for his stutter-steps, explaining that he was consumed by a court battle with his child’s mother while “Don’t Tell ‘Em” was rising. “I stopped caring about being Jeremih over the last few months,” he says. “A lot of people don’t know I have a 2-year-old son. His mom wasn’t allowing me to see him, and it was messing with me. I was internally unbalanced. But I just got out of that trial and I won.” (source)

Not sure why they called him a rapper on the show but I love the fact that Ryan has stepped in as the father figure to Jeremih's son. Based on Jeremih's statement with Billboard I take it its 3-sides to this story. Especially since they blurred the faces of the son, maybe he didn't approve of his child being on the show. 

ForeverMeah says... 

Ryan is truly a gem. Faced with the death of his sister he maintaining a leveled head and trying to raise his son with Rachel. Rachel on the other hand seems like she only love Ryan as a friend but probably will go from 0 to 100 if he ever decided to move on.

Rachel can't get over Ryan cheated when she was pregnant with their child even though she went and got pregnant with Jeremih. 

Kat --- umm, not sure yet. I need to see her more to form my opinion of her. I'll just say she's a great tattooist. 

Phor -- is hilarious. I believe i've came across a music video he did in the past. I love his style and clearly he and Kat had sex or will soon. 

Charmaine wants to be someone's wife but having sex on TV in the bathroom with your colleague (Don) just might not be the best way to go about getting that ring.

Don needs to leave his baby mother cause now the world know you ate the booty of your co-worker and kissed your girl within 30-minutes of the show. Don is sexy but not so smart. 

Danielle and Van  don't remember much about them but I'm sure it'll be something to discuss soon.

Bottom line I am all drawn in and can't wait to watch next weeks episode. It's good to see Chiraq in another light besides the violence.

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