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#IssaRae: Insecure Season 2 Review

The struggle was real last night but I made it through. After thinking I added HBO to my TV just so I can watch 'Insecure" I get an error message. After chatting with Comcast for 30 minutes and thanking the representative several times because I now can watch this anticipated series.  "This will cost you an additional $15.00 a month, is that ok?" says the rep. "Umm, sure", knowing damn well I am cancelling this subscription as soon as the season is over (and Starz). 

 I have taken great joy at watching the talented  Issa Rae glow-up. From youtube, to book deal, to the big screen - She wins for us all. Now back to show...

The scene opens up with Issa daydreaming about Lawrence while she is trying out the dating world. For a quick moment I was as caught up in the dream as she was....suddenly the real faces of the guys she was dating appears and realization that this is her new life without Lawrence. (inserts Issa rap about being a cheater lol) Issa now feels the need to throw a party to paint the picture she is enjoying the single life. She goes to the mailbox and noticed Lawrence received some mail from the court. She quickly will use this as an excuse to see Lawrence and throw in his face she is happy but to her disappointment he never showed up. 

Now off to Ms. Molly... Molly took the advice of Issa and sought help from a therapist. Of which she is afraid to open up and express to Issa her ongoing issue with finding the "right therapist". Meanwhile at work Molly feels like she is being slighted because she is both black and a woman in a law firm. She is accidentally given a check that belongs to another employee and feels slighted that she isn't being compensated appropriately for the work she does. She begins to look at that employee differently and sparks a conversation to see if he got a raise recently. 

Lawrence is introduced in the scene the same way he left us last season...D!cked-down in Tasha long-stroking her from the back. He is currently still looking for a place to stay and is crashing on an air mattress at his homeboy house. Making Tasha his weekend flame. His homeboy brings up that he doesn't take "the bank girl" on any dates and that he appears to just be smashing her. Trying to assure his nice-guy agenda he decides to take her on a date. (During the time he was scheduled to meet up with Issa). Soon after his date with Tasha Lawrence shows up at Issa place to pick up the mail. He knocks on the door to retrieve his mail and Issa opens the door with letter in hand. Lawrence then makes the excuse that he has to get something from out the bathroom. She allows him inside her home. As Lawrence makes his way back towards the front door he swoops Issa up and proceeds to bang her out on the couch. 

Confused and uncertain of what just happened between Lawrence and Issa. I think he was trying to close this chapter with Issa but we all know he just made matters even worse. You can clearly see that Issa took that tryst as a "we working it out and we will be back together" but not for Lawrence. 

ForeverMeah says... 

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In Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Nicki Minaj Safaree Samuels

#LHHH: Safaree Samuels wants to show you something...

ForeverMeah says... You're welcome :) 

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In Celebrity News Dee Barnes Dr. Dre NWA Say what?

Dr. Dre is Finally Apologizes for Slapping Journalist Dee Barnes

In his HBO documentary, “The Defiant One’s,” Dre admits he physically attacked the journalist after he felt she negatively portrayed NWA. Here’s what happened:
“He picked her up by her hair and “began slamming her head and the right side of her body repeatedly against a brick wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd with a gun. 
After Dre tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s restroom. Dre followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair again and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.”

And here’s Dre’s apology:
“Any man who puts his hands on a female is f*cking idiot. He’s out of his fucking mind, and I was out of my fucking mind at the time. I fucked up, I paid for it, I’m sorry for it, and I apologize for it. I have this dark cloud that follows me, and it’s going to be attached to me forever. It’s a major blemish on who I am as a man.” – D. Dre

ForeverMeah says... Guess you're next Michel'le.

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In Celeb Drama Karlie Redd LHHATL reality TV Say what? VH1

The Real Reason Karlie Redd is on LHHATL

Like most reality TV shows the title doesn't match the characters. Real Houswives don't have to be married - heck you don't even need a house. There is no difference when it comes to the cast of Love and Hip Hop - Atlanta.

Throughout the seasons I am constantly wondering What is Karlie's connection to the show? Besides obviously holding onto Young Joc and linking herself with any new/old cast-mates to maintain her relevance. But how did she get on the show in the first place?

I’ve just learned that the 46-year-old VH1 Resident-Thot is the babymother of one of America’s most wanted fugitives 49-year-old Nathan ‘Nate’ Hill. Nate is currently serving a lifetime prison sentence, is the biological father of Karlie's 18-year-old daughter, Jazmine – rumored to be a student at Atlanta’s Clark University.

Now here is where things get janky and clears up why Karlie doesn't mention her kids or her life prior to 40 years old. HSK reported, back in January 1998 – Hill, who remained on the lamb for two-years, fleeing to Africa to avoid prosecution for supplying the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords gangs with more than 6,600 pounds of cocaine from 1987 to 1995, was tracked down and caught by U.S. law enforcement officials in one of the most remote corners of the world: Conakry, capital of the West African nation of Guinea.

Here’s what deputy U.S. Marshal Bill O’Malley had to say about Hill’s arrest:
“Hill, who was wanted in Chicago on murder and drug-trafficking charges and was named to the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 Most Wanted List in 1996, was traced to Conakry through telephone records in a related case. Hill was apprehended and flown to Chicago. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was ordered held without bail.”
This after it was reported back in December 1996,“two girlfriends of Hill’s are also missing and presumed to be in hiding with him”.

That’s before Hill was sentenced to life and fined $8.5 million, and forfeited cash and property valued at $5 million. He was convicted of drug conspiracy, tax fraud, money laundering, operating an ongoing criminal enterprise and ordering the killings of three enemies, two of whom were, in fact, killed.

With his drug money, Hill moved into the recording business, founding New York-based Pocketown, named after his South Side neighborhood at 78th and Stony Island. Pocketown scored a top 10 music video with “Froggy Style” by Nuttin’ Nyce in 1995 and published “Wandering Eyes,” which was on the soundtrack of Whoopi Goldberg’s film “Sister Act 2.”

ForeverMeah says...

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In Celebrity Boxing Match Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather Say what?

Connor McGregor to Floyd Mayweather 'Dance For Me Boy!'

Never been a fan of Floyd Mayweather... something about him doesn't make him likable. With my feelings aside I hope he beats Connor McGregor ass. Period. 

Seriously, when I caught this clip below my decision was validated. Watching Floyd and Connor stare down for their upcoming fight you clearly see Connor mouthing to Floyd 'dance for me boy..! 

Take a look for yourself: 

Now... I am not one to jump up and scream racism but am I overreacting? Did you notice how Connor tried to clean it up and switched it to "Dance for me, Sir".

ForeverMeah says... Fuck Connor but nice suite.

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In Celeb Drama Celebrity News Donald Trump Kanye West kanye-west Say what?

It Was Black People Day at Trump Towers

What does Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, and Kanye West all have in common? President-elect Donald Trump.

The two NFL legends, along with deranged rapper Kanye West all met him at his Trump Tower offices earlier today. Not to mention they were escorted by the Coon-Ambassador Omarosa Manigault.

Trampled by the outrage on social media, Kanye tweets what he thought was an explanation to the bizarre meet up. 

Am I shock? absolutely not. Once Kanye announced that "if he did vote he would have voted for Donald" I knew this would happened. Next he'll be performing at the inauguration. Many of times we have dismissed Kanye's odd behavior for a mental health issues but he told us the truth a few years ago - 'I'm a hypocrite, bro"

ForeverMeah says...New Slaves wasn't just a Kanye song. 
What's the cost fame?
Whatever it is I hope I'm broke enough to afford it.

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In Celebrity News Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Checks Himself Into Rehab

Maybe watching Kanye Pest and Scott Dipshit spiral out of control with drugs and alcohol abuse, ex-junkie NBA player, Lamar Odom decides to give sobriety a shot by checking himself into rehab.

According to sources, Lamar has been in a San Diego Rehabilitation Center for 4 days, and
 “did it for his kids” and “also wanted to feel 100 percent again. He did not relapse, but felt like he wanted to get away and start fresh for the New Year.”

Back in 2015Lamar Odom was found unconscious at  the Love Ranch due to drug overdose. 

ForeverMeah says...
It's safe to say since Khloe and Lamar have officially divorced we won't catch this on KUWTK. Get Well, brother. Peace.

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In Celebrity News J Cole New Music ReviewIt Say what?

4 Your Eyez Only Review

It's Monday and although I could've shared my thoughts on J-Cole's new album "4 Your Eyez Only" on Friday when it dropped - I decided to wait and let it sit with me for a moment before I shared my thoughts.

Before I get started - I love J. Cole - ok, we clear on that.. cool.. continue.

I won't act as though I am one of those OG's that preach about needing to hear real hip-hop and I'm tired of the "dopehead" music that is out now... (well not in this post anyway). I too like my dosage of ratchet-mumble music. But there are some artist that understands the need to have BALANCE and I look for that balance from the artists such as J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Big K.R.I.T. to name a few.

Immediately after my first listening I wasn't ready for the ride J. Cole was taking his listener. As I should have known better than to think I was going to be able to shuffle through Cole album. I knew I needed a quiet moment in time to dissect this album and listen to the message that's always lost between the music.

The album story starts off with an emotional J. Cole contemplating rather he wants to live or die while tethering on the lines of right and wrong.   

Lord, Lord—
The bells getting loud, ain't nowhere to hide
Got nowhere to go, put away my pride
Tired of feeling low even when I'm high
Ain't no way to live, do I wanna die?
I don't know, I don't know
Bells getting loud, ain't nowhere to hide
Got nowhere to go, put away my pride
Tired of feeling low even when I'm high
Ain't no way to live, do I wanna die?
I don't know, I don't know - 

While not quit done with the ways of streets Cole finds his soulmate in Deja Vu and She's Mine Part 1. 
I know you were made for me but

Darling don't you wait for me
Cause I can see the promise land
But I can't do no promising
I know you were made for me but
Darling don't you wait for me
Cause I can see the promise land
But I can't do no promising [Deja Vu]

I must say the next track - Change - stole my heart. Directly and indirectly understanding the battle some have within themselves with Good and Evil. 

Yeah, my intuition is telling me there'll be better days

I sit in silence and find whenever I meditate
My fears alleviate, my tears evaporate
My faith don't deviate, ideas don't have a date
But see I'm growing and getting stronger with every breath
Bringing me closer to Heaven's doors with every step
As we speak I'm at peace, no longer scared to die
Most niggas don't believe in God and so they terrified
It's either that or they be fearing they gon' go to Hell
Asking the father for forgiveness—God, I'm overwhelmed 

(Please God, I want to go to Heaven) - [Change]
Halfway through the album Cole paints a beautiful portrait of Life, Death, Religion, Love, and Friendship. The happy-new-dad even opens up about his fears as a new father in the track, She's Mine, Pt. 2. 
Am I worthy of this gift

Am I strong enough to lift, into a place that I can see
Someone more important than me?
Am I worthy of this gift? (Am I worthy of this gift?) [She's Mine, Pt.2

Now somewhere between track 8 and 10 I realize that J. Cole wasn't just giving us a glimpse at his story but of a friend. A friend of Cole's who must have died in the streets and left behind a daughter. He breaks this all down in the last track "4 Your Eyez Only". 

"Nigga what you talking 'bout? Fuck is you getting at?"

He said, "Listen, I got no time to dive into descriptions
But I've been having premonitions
Just call it visions from the other side
I got a feeling I won't see tomorrow
Like the time I'm living on is borrowed
With that said, the only thing I'm proud to say, I was a father
Write my story down and if I pass
Go play it for my daughter when she ready"
And so I'm leaving you this record for your eyes only [4 Your Eyez Only

ForeverMeah says...Classic. 

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In 50 Cent awards Celeb Drama Celebrity News Donald Glover Issa Rae Naomie Harris Octavia Spencer Power Say what? starz Viola Davis

50 Cent Says the Golden Globe's Can Suck a D...

Early last week the The 2017 Golden Globe nominations were announced and although it wasn't completely white-washed as the Oscars, the cast of the Starz scripted drama POWER was left out in the cold for December.  

This snub however didn't sit too well with the executive producer, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. He took to his social media to vent as usual. 

50 Cent captioned this on his IG post:
“Golden Globe’s can suck a d**k. I accept my series POWER was not intended to be a signature show for the network, but it is the highest rated show,” 50 Cent captioned on his Instagram post. “I know my audience very well. I’m done promoting this outside of contractual obligations. SEASON 4 KANAN MUST DIE, I got other sh*t to do.”

But more importantly for the first time in award history, three black women (Viola Davis, Naomie Harris and Octavia Spencer) are all nominated for Best Supporting Actress. The success of Moonlight earned nominations in six different film categories including Best Director.  As for TV, Issa Rae's years worth of hard work earned her a best actress nomination for a comedy series with Insecure. Not to mention, Donald Glover's Atlanta is up for best comedy and best actor.

ForeverMeah says...

fall for something or stand for anything. (Did I say that right? IDK, maybe.) 

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In Celeb Drama Celebrity News G.O.O.D. Kanye West kanye-west MMG Rick Ross Say what?

Are We Being Trolled By Kanye Kardashian? Ross Thinks So...

During a recent appearance in New York City, the Maybach Music Mogul, Rick Ross, has some things to say about Kanye West and his recent "circumstances"

What may have started out as a message of positivity turned out to be a bit more confusing than just that. 

Rozay had this to say recently of Kanye: 
"One time for Yeezy ... My homie a genius. For everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y'all niggas."
Rick Ross seems to be implying that Kanye West's mental breakdown that led to his hospitalization may have been a stunt. To make this statement even stranger, producer Mike Dean was in attendance, and is actually in the background of the video. Mike Dean is as close a collaborator to Kanye as it gets. Do you think he was pissed by the remarks?

Check out the clip below, and let me know if people are reading too much into this or Rozay dead-on about Kanye. 

ForeverMeah says...we shouldn't make fun of Kanye West during his time of need even if he played himself. 

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In Celeb Drama Celebrity News Kanye West kanye-west Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kim Kardashian

Kanye Makes First Appearance After Breakdown

By now I am sure you have seen the photo of a blonde-haired Trump-Supporting Kanye WestRumors circulated that Ye' escaped his Bel-Air house in the middle of the night to give Kim "some space", the sickly rapper randomly appeared at an art installation at the Pacific Design Center.

Sources have also reported that he built a temporary studio in his Bel-Air mansion so he can "have the privacy he needs to get healthy, while also making new music as ideas come to him."

I am not for kicking a person when they are down so with all due respect I hope he gets well and become an amazing father and maybe a musician again. HOWEVER - I am a strong believer that money will magnify who you truly are. 

Ye' is clearly battling with something. Not just the untimely death of his mom. There's some character flaws and empathy he lacks as of recently. As a Kardashian. I know it's totally insane to blame that family on the destruction of Kanye West but they are sucking this man dry. 

Jay-Z please call him. 

ForeverMeah's rappin'...

You're in the mist of
The ride of your life
But you gotta keep them hits up
Can't put your guard down
Gotta keep your mitts up
Take a sip sir
It's so in toxicating
ain't it
try not to get jaded
Hollywood's been good to ya
Startin' feel like birds to ya
Don't lie
Gonna fly
You addicted to the lights
Without the fame
How you gonna survive
It's like living on
You so high 
Jay Z ft. Beyonce - Hollywood lyrics

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In Blac Chyna Celeb Drama Celebrity Children Celebrity News Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kim Kardashian Rob Kardashian

The Kardashian Klan Puts a HOLD on Angela Renée Kardashian

To say I am shock would be an understatement but if you recall a few months back Blac Chyna filed to use “Angela Renée Kardashian” as a trademark while working in entertainment and on her social media. 

Almost a month after giving birth to her and Rob's baby girl Dream Kardashian, the sisters filed a lawsuit opposing the name change. 

In the lawsuit, it claims that the girls will “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill” if Chyna takes the Kardashian name. 

Chyna's lawyer, Walter Mosley, spoke out about the lawsuit, saying that of the “many trademarks” he’s filed for her, “this is the first one that’s ever been opposed.”

He went on to tell PEOPLE, “The Kardashians, like Angela and my other clients are very protective of our marks, I think for us this is going to be a clear case win, because it’s actually her name, it’s not a poaching. 

I would hope that this is just a junior lawyer’s error, who’s just responding to everything and not really looking at who it’s from or why it was filed. There’s a softer side of this where Angela has to have a conversation with her family. But until I hear otherwise, I’m just going to proceed as I normally would with a lawsuit. I have 40 days to respond.”

ForeverMeah says... meanwhile, Kris is like: 

Black Chyna from the home team... #DCWhatUp.

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In ForeverMeah Say what?

What a Year - Hello December

This year has taught me so much about myself. As I sneak into my mid-30's and my tolerance for bullshit dwindles down below 5%. I must say I am ending this year - Happy, Scared, Blessed, and Peaceful. Yes, a weird depiction of emotion but the truth is - that's just life. With the murder of numerous unarmed black men, the presidential election and the racist temperature of society it becomes almost impossible to smile. But in those moments you must rely on faith (not religion). [Disclaimer: religion is what you are taught faith is what you believe]  Sometimes it feels like a curse to be woke among the sleep and misinformed. 

Numerous times I have contemplated deleting this blog, as I have done multiple times with varies sites I have launched and deleted. Unlike in the past it wasn't because I was bored with reporting celebrity gossip, news, and whatever else I felt... It was more so the fact that it was bigger things going on the news than which celebrity hooked up with the other, or who had a "break baby" while in a relationship. Cops were killing my brothers and sisters. To make matters even worse they were getting away with these crimes with no consequence to the action. Oh and did I mention most were even caught on camera. 

Trump is my President and we still screaming Black Lives Matter while these celebrities we help reach their levels of success turn their backs on us and desert the community and using their platforms to swindle the masses. 

This year I lost all respect for Lil Wayne -are we seriously the same age? There is no strain of weed that would allow his outburst on ABC's Nightline become acceptable. To make matters even worse he just did a very powerful verse on Solange's A Seat at the Table called "Mad" but as the year raps up I am putting his seat in the damn corner. 

Don't let me get started with Kanye West... mental health issues aside he has been one of my biggest disappointments. His Jesus Walk has wondered off into the oblivious. If I can't recognize Kanye I can only imagine who he sees in the mirror. 

But like a legend once said " I don't blame you new niggaz - I blame your old head". Someone clearly dropped the ball meanwhile the black community wait for the anticipated alley-oop. 

I couldn't keep up with the other news because it truly didn't matter but one of my readers asked me "where you been? I missed reading your blog... your blog was a distractions from the things going on in the world." Up until that moment I realized I was just living to survive and keep my own sanity. I forgot about my readers. My bad. I'm back.  We need a balance and despite how defeated I felt personally the urge to support, uplift, and stand behind my bothers and sisters grew so much greater. Meanwhile my  hatred grew, my disappointment intensified. I knew I wasn't ready to write or post anything. 

"It's spooky out here" in my Philly voice. 

Moving into 2017, this blog will represent ME forever. I won't be so politically correct, I will share my truest emotions on varies topics. I will begin to share my own personal stories so please stay tuned, please share, please connect. I have so much say.

ForeverMeah says... Hello Muthafukin December. 

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In Discrimination Legal Woes News RaceWars SadNews Say what?

Federal Court Says It’s Not Racist to Ban Locs at Work

Federal appeals court ruled that employers who ban dreadlocks in the workplace are not engaging in racial discrimination, according to the Huffington Post

It's legal? well, yes according to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 3-0 last week to uphold a lower court’s dismissal of a 2013 lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of Chastity Jones, a black woman. 

Jones says that after she was offered a job in 2010 at a Mobile, Ala., insurance-claims-processing company, a white human resources manager told Jones that her locks violated company policy and that she’d have to get rid of them because they “tend to get messy.” 

When Jones balked at changing her hairstyle, the job offer was rescinded.

The EEOC argued in its lawsuit that withdrawing the job offer because of Jones’ hairstyle constituted racial discrimination because “dreadlocks are a manner of wearing the hair that is physiologically and culturally associated with people of African descent.” But the federal court dismissed the case; the EEOC filed an appeal in 2015.

But the appeals court, in its Sept. 15 ruling upholding the lower court’s decision to dismiss the case, said that racial discrimination had to be based on characteristics that were unchangeable and that dreadlocks did not meet that definition.

“We recognize that the distinction between immutable and mutable characteristics of race can sometimes be a fine (and difficult) one, but it is a line that courts have drawn,”

U.S. Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan wrote in the court’s ruling (pdf). “So, for example, discrimination on the basis of black hair texture (an immutable characteristic) is prohibited by Title VII, while adverse action on the basis of black hairstyle (a mutable choice) is not.”

A spokeswoman for the EEOC told the Wall Street Journal that the commission believes the court made the wrong decision.

“We believe the court was incorrect when it held that the employer’s actions could not be proven to be race discrimination,” she said. “We are reviewing our options.”

Read more at the Huffington Post.

ForeverMeah says... 

first locs, next will be braids. Stay woke.

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In Beanie Sigel Celeb Drama Game Meek Mill Poor lil Meek Meek... Say what? Sean Kingston The Game whatsBeef?

WhatsBeef: The Game vs. Meek Mill and Sean Kingston

Some has even speculated that Drake was somehow responsible for Game's decision to unload multiple insults on the Philadelphia rapper. Yet again, Meek may have brung this unfortunate situation on himself. According to Game, everything began at the club back in LA the day Sean Kingston got jugg'd for his jewels and ice.

After sending Meek a “welcome home” bottle of Rozay, Game warned Meek that “muthaf*ckas be getting robbed out here” and suggested he leave the club earlier than usual to avoid the wolves on the prowl. Meek took Game’s advice and left the club early, leaving behind Sean Kingston.

I am assuming Game forgot to warn Sean Kingston who was later relieved of his jewelry and cracked over the head with a bottle.

Soon after, Chubby Kingston called up the Game and made this shocking  confession, “Meek told me that you set me up. He told me that you told him to leave the club early so you can get me.”

That didn’t sit too well with the Game and he drunkenly yelled “F*ck Meek Mill” and calling him a snitch at a Miami Club. 

This started countless of social media memes along with a few respectable bars from both Meek and Game, even Sean Kingston got a little grimey to later apologize when he realized he was on the losing side of this situation.

Things took an interesting twist when triple OG rapper, Beanie Sigel was caught featured on the diss track with Meek MIll and O-Melly diss.

Game says having Beanie on the track bothered him the most. “I got love for Beans so when he did that,” the Game stated. “I was genuinely hurt.” Adding, “I f*ck with Beans, Beans f*ck with me. We been in Cali together.” The Game unfortunately, had to diss Beanie too for his role in the diss track: 

This weekend Meek Mill and his Dreamchasers crew allegedly took to the streets and stepped to Philadelphia’s own Beanie Sigel.

Wait, what?!

According to The Game, Meek Mill’s goons ran up on the OG gangsta after his performance at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour for letting Game know he wrote O-Melly's verse on the diss track. So the Philly General took to the stage and said: 

yung bull knocked out the old head because he was drawling at the jaw. Ni**as is crazy, man. Ni**as went and got Beans on a song to diss me. That ain’t do what ni**as thought it was gonna do so y’all went back and beat the legend up, man?”

ForeverMeah says... 1992 is avaiable now.

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