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WhatsBeef: The Game vs. Meek Mill and Sean Kingston

Some has even speculated that Drake was somehow responsible for Game's decision to unload multiple insults on the Philadelphia rapper. Yet again, Meek may have brung this unfortunate situation on himself. According to Game, everything began at the club back in LA the day Sean Kingston got jugg'd for his jewels and ice.

After sending Meek a “welcome home” bottle of Rozay, Game warned Meek that “muthaf*ckas be getting robbed out here” and suggested he leave the club earlier than usual to avoid the wolves on the prowl. Meek took Game’s advice and left the club early, leaving behind Sean Kingston.

I am assuming Game forgot to warn Sean Kingston who was later relieved of his jewelry and cracked over the head with a bottle.

Soon after, Chubby Kingston called up the Game and made this shocking  confession, “Meek told me that you set me up. He told me that you told him to leave the club early so you can get me.”

That didn’t sit too well with the Game and he drunkenly yelled “F*ck Meek Mill” and calling him a snitch at a Miami Club. 

This started countless of social media memes along with a few respectable bars from both Meek and Game, even Sean Kingston got a little grimey to later apologize when he realized he was on the losing side of this situation.

Things took an interesting twist when triple OG rapper, Beanie Sigel was caught featured on the diss track with Meek MIll and O-Melly diss.

Game says having Beanie on the track bothered him the most. “I got love for Beans so when he did that,” the Game stated. “I was genuinely hurt.” Adding, “I f*ck with Beans, Beans f*ck with me. We been in Cali together.” The Game unfortunately, had to diss Beanie too for his role in the diss track: 

This weekend Meek Mill and his Dreamchasers crew allegedly took to the streets and stepped to Philadelphia’s own Beanie Sigel.

Wait, what?!

According to The Game, Meek Mill’s goons ran up on the OG gangsta after his performance at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour for letting Game know he wrote O-Melly's verse on the diss track. So the Philly General took to the stage and said: 

yung bull knocked out the old head because he was drawling at the jaw. Ni**as is crazy, man. Ni**as went and got Beans on a song to diss me. That ain’t do what ni**as thought it was gonna do so y’all went back and beat the legend up, man?”

ForeverMeah says... 1992 is avaiable now.

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