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Kanye Makes First Appearance After Breakdown

By now I am sure you have seen the photo of a blonde-haired Trump-Supporting Kanye WestRumors circulated that Ye' escaped his Bel-Air house in the middle of the night to give Kim "some space", the sickly rapper randomly appeared at an art installation at the Pacific Design Center.

Sources have also reported that he built a temporary studio in his Bel-Air mansion so he can "have the privacy he needs to get healthy, while also making new music as ideas come to him."

I am not for kicking a person when they are down so with all due respect I hope he gets well and become an amazing father and maybe a musician again. HOWEVER - I am a strong believer that money will magnify who you truly are. 

Ye' is clearly battling with something. Not just the untimely death of his mom. There's some character flaws and empathy he lacks as of recently. As a Kardashian. I know it's totally insane to blame that family on the destruction of Kanye West but they are sucking this man dry. 

Jay-Z please call him. 

ForeverMeah's rappin'...

You're in the mist of
The ride of your life
But you gotta keep them hits up
Can't put your guard down
Gotta keep your mitts up
Take a sip sir
It's so in toxicating
ain't it
try not to get jaded
Hollywood's been good to ya
Startin' feel like birds to ya
Don't lie
Gonna fly
You addicted to the lights
Without the fame
How you gonna survive
It's like living on
You so high 
Jay Z ft. Beyonce - Hollywood lyrics

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