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It Was Black People Day at Trump Towers

What does Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, and Kanye West all have in common? President-elect Donald Trump.

The two NFL legends, along with deranged rapper Kanye West all met him at his Trump Tower offices earlier today. Not to mention they were escorted by the Coon-Ambassador Omarosa Manigault.

Trampled by the outrage on social media, Kanye tweets what he thought was an explanation to the bizarre meet up. 

Am I shock? absolutely not. Once Kanye announced that "if he did vote he would have voted for Donald" I knew this would happened. Next he'll be performing at the inauguration. Many of times we have dismissed Kanye's odd behavior for a mental health issues but he told us the truth a few years ago - 'I'm a hypocrite, bro"

ForeverMeah says...New Slaves wasn't just a Kanye song. 
What's the cost fame?
Whatever it is I hope I'm broke enough to afford it.

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