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Is a Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Collaboration Coming Soon?

The anticipation is real and if Kendrick Lamar’s sister Kayla accidentally spilled the tea - who am I not to take a sip. 

A Kendrick Lamar and J-Cole Joint Collaboration Coming February 16th?

If you’ll recall, Cole teased on “Black Friday” that something was coming in February. He rapped, “When you and K. Dot shit dropping?” B*tch never, they can’t handle two Black n*ggas this clever…But this February, bet sh*t get scary when I f*ck around and drop…” That highly anticipated joint album?

Soon after the two rappers broke the Internet on Friday, Kendrick’s sister Kayla spilled on Facebook that her brother and Cole’s collab will be dropping February 16. “Go checkout my brother @kendricklamar song “Black Friday” gift to you guys. It’s definitely some [fire emoji] as usual!,” she wrote before deleting the post. You won’t regret it, I promise! Collab drop #Feb16 so be on the lookout as well.

It actually makes alot of sense if these 2 drop  right in the middle of Black History Month and on my Momma's Birthday. (Source)

*Drops a DJ Clue bomb*

ForeverMeah says... 

If its true...I Can't wait, +Kendrick Lamar and +J. Cole 

- if its not true...make it happen fellas!

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