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So....Birdman Tried to Sign Slim Jesus to Cash Money?

Slim Jesus, (the Caucasian drill rapper from Ohio) who has openly admitted that he wasn't actually about the street life, is apparently still a hot commodity. Slim initially blew up off his song, "Drill Time," and it now appears that labels have since been calling the young rapper to try and lock down a deal. One of those labels calling was Cash Money and Birdman, and there is a video of his conversation with Slim to prove it.

The call was recorded by King Yella, who works with Slim, and included Baby selling Slim on the Cash Money Records lifestyle and how their system would best fit him as an artist. 

Earlier this month, Yella said in an interview that Slim hung up on Birdman when he called about signing him, but it's unclear if this was that same call.

It's worth noting that Birdman laughed at the idea of Lil Wayne leaving Cash Money when it was brought up, and said that he isn't going anywhere. Seeing that Slim literally lit a record contract on fire in an Instagram post last week, it doesn't seem likely that he'll be joining Cash Money anytime soon.  (source)

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ForeverMeah says... 

Birdman tired to convince him like this: 

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