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Drake Opens Club In Honor of Grandparents -@forevermeah

Photo of the Sher Club via Ferris Rafauli 

Drake has opened up a club inside the Air Canada Centre called Sher Club.

Sources have reported that Drake just unveiled Sher Club, a brand-new members-only establishment in the ACC - which he named after his grandparents, Rueben and Evelyn Sher. (Aw.)
"My grandmother was the first person to ever play catch with me and my grandfather was the biggest sports fan in the world," Drake wrote on Instagram, by way of announcing the club's opening. "I opened this club in the memory of both of you."
The club itself, a joint venture between Drake, MLSE, the ACC and high-end architectural designer Ferris Rafauli, is already being touted as"the most exclusive establishment inside Air Canada Centre, tucked away in an intimate 4,000 sq. ft. space."
Photo of the Sher Club via Ferris Rafauli 

The red velvet-swathed club, located on the stadium's third floor, is accessible by membership or by private invitation only - contact the club to try your luck. 

ForeverMeah says... cool.

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