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#WhatsBeef: Game vs. Young Thug

------Update below 5/7/15 2:37pm est. ------

Finally someone is taking a direct shots at the very 'questionable' rapper Young Thug.  During a show in new Orleans on Tuesday night, May 5, the Game stood up for Lil Wayne by dissing Young Thug to the audience saying: 

"During a show in New Orleans on Tuesday night, the Compton MC blasted the Barter 6rapper. “My ni**a Tune ain’t never been Hollywood. He’s just been Hollygrove, ni**a,” he told the crowd. “Anybody fucking with Tune, gotta fucking problem with me. I will fuck Young Thug up. I’m a Piru, ni**a. Westside, ni**a.”
He didn’t stop there. He also dared Young Thug to come to the West Coast and diss Weezy. “I dare a pussy ni**a walk through California and say, ‘Fuck Wayne.’ I’ma do a ni**a like I did 40 Glocc. And if a ni**a want a problem, a ni**a gon’ get his ass smoked.”

It's about to go down... (Kevin Hart voice). Young Thug then made a video on Instagram about how The Game once was a Crip and now being a Blood. He also accused Game of being a male stripper. He also says he’s in LA more than Arnold Schwarzenegger,the governor…. but Schwarzenegger is not the current governor of CALIFORNIA. One of Thug’s associates makes a cameo in the video flashing a gun. SMH. 
(of course since the video went viral Young Thug quickly deleted the video but not before it was snatched from his IG page) 

Game responded yet again in an Instagram video shot in his bedroom. “I just seen your little video, you ho ass ni**a. You paint your nails like a fucking girl, you call your ni**as bae, and you a ho ass ni**a. Keep fuckin’ around, ni**as gon’ drive by that nail shop and light that motherfucker up.”

ForeverMeah says... check out the update below: 

Lil Wayne somewhere like...

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