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King Pusha Speaks On Birdman Not Paying Lil Wayne; Dake vs. Meek

Pusha T, the newly assigned president of G.O.O.D. Music, has begun celebrating his inauguration with the release of a new song called “Untouchable.” Which sparked the debate - "Who's Pusha talking about?" - Here is the main lines in question:
“I’m aiming for the moguls/ Why y’all n—as aiming at the locals?/ And rap n—as broke like them, they’re mere hopeful/ Still wishing on a star/ The last one to find out that Baby owns the cars.”

Leaving many to speculate - Is he talking about Birdman? 

In a recent interview (below) Pusha dropped his 2-cents on the Birdman/Lil Wayne situation:
"It's corny - If you steal something and you stealing something contractually. That's like the lowest form of a thief - its like a cat -burglar.  
It's not even respectable in no way shape or form. We don't respect that. 
I ain't respect Baby in long time"

But wait, Pusha's not finished. He also dropped some jewels on the infamous Drake vs. Meek Mill beef:
"I don’t know what to actually think of it. I just feel like the principles of 2002 aren’t the principles of 2015. You know? I listen to both, I listen to both Meek music, I listen to Drake music, both, you know. I don’t know, I just watched how people handled it, and I watched how the media handled it, and I just have to say that—you don’t crucify people who didn’t lie to you. And I sort of feel like people tried to crucify Meek, but he didn’t lie." (source)

ForeverMeah says... 

(first thought that came to my head) "I ain't just up here, rappin' and tappin' / Spittin' and skittin' and shit, naw, not me / I'm not you, I'm not you rapper, I'm not you" -Pusha

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