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Vivica Fox Calls 50 Cent Gay; 50 Cent Responds

Vivica Fox threw major shade at 50 Cent last night on +Bravo's Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen brought up 50 Cent’s remarks about Empire losing ratings because of all the ‘gay stuff’ and Vivica suggested 50’s just “the pot calling the kettle black,” even Kandi was shock at her response.
Vivica went even further by saying: “He just seems like he’s just got something that’s not quite clear.

Here's a clip from what she said:

She went on to say that 50 looked like a “booty snatcher” on the cover of Vibe with Soulja Boy– which was actually a XXL magazine cover — but, still.

But don't think 50 Cent was going to let this sleeping dog lie... he quickly took to social media with the following response:

ForeverMeah says... that cover was a bit suspect but Vivica you should know better about talking trash to Fif!

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