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Are Ya Ready for a Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Tour?

Although primarily known as an Actor, rapper, Will Smith recently confirmed that he and long-time friend Jazzy Jeff  will be hitting the bricks for an upcoming tour.
“We never actually had a chance to go out and do a full tour,” Will Smith explains during a visit at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “So, we released our first record in 1986…Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble was our first record, but by 1990 I was already on The Fresh Prince. So, in that time, we just we were getting started and I never actually had a chance to go on tour, so I really want to get out there and do it for real.”
Check out what Will Smith said about touring on +EllenDegeneresShowTV  the other day.

ForeverMeah says...

Summertime was a classic but it would be weird for them to perform Parents Just Don't Understand

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