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Chipotle Marketing Exec Indicted in Drug Ring Bust

The age-long rumor that Chipotle was sprinkling crack on the rice because it's so addictive may not be as funny anymore.

Sources have now reported that Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle's chief creative and development officer, has been indicted as part of a New York City drug ring bust.

(Mark) The Chipotle executive and Fox Business producer Katie Welnhofer were among 18 white collar buyers named as alleged "key repeat customers" who bought cocaine. They were charged with drug possession as well as criminal possession of a controlled substance, according to the Daily Mail.

The indictment comes after a yearlong investigation into cocaine trafficking around New York City's Lower East Side neighborhood. The drug ring allegedly sold over $75,000 worth of cocaine via a delivery service.

"This narcotics operation was organized and discreet, but it could not withstand the precision of this long-term investigation," said New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton.

A spokesperson from Chipotle says,

"At the moment, we know very little about these charges," the spokesman said. "Due to the nature of the situation, Mark has been placed on administrative leave. We made this decision in order to remain focused on the operation of our business and to allow Mark to focus on these personal matters. Mark's responsibilities have been assigned to other senior managers in his absence."

ForeverMeah says...

they'll more than likely will get a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, 

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