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Betty Reid Soskin's Attackers Race is Kept a Secret....Why?

Such a disturbing article to read when I saw that a 94-year old Park Ranger was beaten and robbed in her home. Betty Reid Soskin, 94, of Richmond was attacked in her town home about midnight Monday (6/28).

Ms. Soskin told KTVU-TV she woke up to find a man with a flashlight standing near her. She reached for her cellphone, but he grabbed it from her and they struggled. She screamed as her attacker dragged her from the bed through a hallway, where he struck her a couple of times on the side of her face. She thought “he was going to kill me,” she told the news station.

Somehow Ms. Soskin mustered all her strength and was able to lock herself inside a bathroom, where she remained until he left, the news station reported. Fearing he would come at her again, Ms. Soskin said she plugged in an iron and was prepared to strike and brand him.

Huffington Post reports, Her attacker stole several personal belongings, including the presidential coin given to her by Obama at the national tree-lighting ceremony in December. The coin was embossed with the presidential seal.

Park officials said on Thursday that the White House is sending a replacement coin to Betty Soskin, who works at the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front national historic park in northern California. But the ranger said she hopes she can recover the original.

But wait... who was her attacker? 

Authorities only identify the attacker as a “thin man in his 20s” NO RACE. Sadly in the society of which we live this leaves us to instantly to assume the attacker was WHITE.

Countless of times we see African American men/women on the news for accusations, or the media immediately publicizing the race of a suspect before any evidence is presented. If the attacker, in this case Ms. Soskin, can say that the person who attacked her was a thin man in his 20's why is his race kept a secret. You can't assume someone is in their 20's without looking at them. Period. 

ForeverMeah says... 

I'll be following this story because I'm sure they are going to push this under the rug.

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