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#BabyNews: Little Women ATL Star is Having a Baby with Who?

Well it seems like the "Little Women: Atlanta" stars Ashley "Minnie" Ross wasn't lying after all about her relationship with rapper Pastor Troy. TMZ has reported, the couple are expecting a little miracle to join them soon.

Sources close to the reality stars tell us Ashley just found out she's pregnant with Pastor Troy's baby and both are very excited.  

Ashley and PT's alleged off-and-on romance has been covered on the show, but we're told they want to keep the pregnancy off camera ... so no diaper drama story lines, for now. 

Even though their relationship was shaky for the last 8 months, our sources say they're good now. 

Check out "Little Women: Atlanta" on Wednesday nights at 10PM EST.

ForeverMeah says... 

I haven't heard Pastor Troy confirm or deny his relationship with Minnie.

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