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Russell Wilson Still Married? Poor CiCi -@ForeverMeah

My mouth dropped to the floor after discovering that NFL-player, Russell Wilson is still legally married to Ashton Wilson. Is this why Ciara is practicing abstinence? Who knows...but what we do know is Ashton ain't leaving Russell Wilson without a check! 

Russ and Ciara are trying to take the next steps according to our insider, but Russ’ ex wife, or soon to be ex, is still in the way. Our source tells us Ashton Wilson is still legally married to Russell Wilson, the divorce is not final due to the fight over money settlement before contract talks finalized it was delayed yet again. That is the reason for the delay in any commitment to Ciara, he is still married so says Russ’s aunt in Virginia. Good luck shaking her Russ, she seems Draft Night crazy.-TO 

ForeverMeah says... 

I hope Cici is unbothered by this news as much as I am.

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