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#LHHH Cast Member Jason Lee Clears Up Bossip Writing Credit and Gets Roasted by Youtuber

Who is Jason Lee? After watching Mondays episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood everyone was captivated by the catty openly gay blogger, Jason Lee

Once he introduced himself and name dropped for dear life - it struck everyones attention when he mentioned that he has written post for entertainment blog - Bossip.Com

Quickly the 'handler' for Bossip's Twitter account fired one single bullet to Jason stating:

"You wrote for us @theonlyjasonlee??? #mmmmmohmygod #LHHH"

Soon as the message was posted Jason quickly responded "I'll get back to you!"... 

Well, Jason did. He got back  by posting on his Twitter Account a recent interview he had with +VH1 explaining not only his affiliation with +Bossip but why he Queen'd out and through a drink in Hazel E's face. Here's a few excerpts from the interview: 

Jason Lee on Bossip's Tweet: 
I called the Editor-in-Chief of Bossip when I saw that tweet. There must have been a lapse in her employment, I don’t know if she was let go or had some other hobbies while I was contributing, but I found that very interesting. But you know, I’m not gonna give Bossip any more shine, the fact that anyone was talking about them should have been a thank you instead of a bulls—t tweet.

Jason Lee on Queening Out and Throwing Drink in Hazel-E's Face: 
I have five sisters that I love dearly and it’s something that I regret, not because of the backlash — the backlash is all people that are peeking into our lives and they’re gonna love me or hate me regardless, that’s not what motivates the regret. For me, I allowed the situation to go too far. 

There was more to our conversation that led up to that moment, and eventually we will talk about it, and eventually I will address it, but I want to give Hazel the opportunity to face me and face America and [own up to] what she did that led up to that. 

There’s context missing from what you saw. Not to say that makes it okay, what I did, it is an unfortunate thing and a moment that I regret.

If you care enough You can catch the entire interview here.

However, his apology didn't stop Youtuber +Justinj1232 from roasting him in his recent video. 

Take a listen and laugh below:

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