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Suspect Arrested in Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting; Maybe Connected to Young Thug

Remember last month when Lil Wayne’s tour bus got shot up? 
Police found their suspect and he is allegedly connected with Young Thug. 

According to TMZ, police in Atlanta have found a suspect in an incident last month that involved Lil Wayne‘s tour bus being shot at outside of Atlanta’s Compound Nightclub as Wayne and his team were making their exit.

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault, firearm possession by a felon and criminal gang activity in connection to the incident, but it appears that this wasn’t just a random attack on a famous celebrity. 

Winfrey was, according to this Complex report, at one time Young Thug‘s tour manager, and the two have been photographed together recently. There’s no surefire way to determine when this photo was taken, but up until 7 months ago, Thug’s hair was only partially blonde, meaning this would have to have been taken between late November and now.

ForeverMeah says...shit just got real.

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