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Plies Finally Speaks on Being Slammed By Fan at Concert

At a recent show in Tallahassee, Fla., rapper Plies was body slammed by a fan whom he invited up onstage and of course it was all caught on video below. 

In the clip, a fan confronts Plies but gets way too close to his face. When Plies warns the concertgoer that he’s violating his personal space, the man grabs the rapper and drop-slams him into the crowd.

From there, both security guards and concertgoers pummel the fan into an oblivion. 

Meanwhile, Plies returns to the stage to perform his song while the melee continues in the crowd.

I am a bit surprise at the delayed response from Plies security team aka Color Money

Check out this clip below as Plies explains what happened:

In an Instagram video, the rap fan, who clearly has a busted lip, a black eye and several cuts all over his face, explains why he stepped to Plies.

“I f— with you bruh, that n—- is one of my top five artists,” he said. “That n—- started talking that bulls—. So I dropped his ass like any real n—- would do.”

ForeverMeah says...and now here's how Twitter reacted:

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