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Lil Wayne Drops the $51 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Birdman

If you recall back in January, Lil Wayne vs. Birdman's legal documents surfaced onto the internet and everyone discovered that Lil Wayne was sueing Birdman for $51 Million dollars for the money he was owed and damages for them not releasing his album 'Tha Carter V'.

Sources close to Wayne explained at the time that the rapper was willing to drop the lawsuit if he was paid the $8 million advance he was owed when he began recording “Tha Carter V” and also the $2 million he was to be paid for completing the album. 

However on April 6th, Lil Wayne filed documents in the case stating he wishes to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit against Cash Money. He dismissed the case “without prejudice” meaning he could re-file but it appears the rapper and his mentor Birdman may have reached a truce. See the exclusive court docs. 

ForeverMeah says... I wonder where that leaves bae:

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