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Is Yandy Throwing Shade at Chrissy and Jim Jones?

What's beef? If you remember on the original Love and Hip-Hop New York we finally got to meet Jim Jones long-term girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkins. And seeing Kimbella appear on the most recent season you can't help but wonder what happened to Yandy's relationship with Jim? We all remember when Chrissy dragged the alleged 'pit-bull' in the hotel room for talking reckless about her "friend" Emily and the messiness with Fabolous. Since it wasn't a followup season it left viewers to assume everything went back to normal. 

We all know Yandy has mastered the ability to causally shade someone in the rain but check out this behind-the-scene interview about Vamp Life and not hearing any music from Jim Jones.

Check out the video below and tell me if this shade or just plain ole' honesty: 

ForeverMeah says... 

I'm more concerned with the relationship between Emily and Chrissy? 

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