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Shy Glizzy Arrested in Mo. County -@forevermeah

Court documents show D.C. native Marquis King, otherwise known as the DC rapper Shy Glizzy, was arrested yesterday and charged with disorderly conduct, failure to obey lawful order, obstructing a police officer, riot and resisting arrest. He has quickly posted bail and will have to appear in court.

According to Montgomery County Police, officers witnessed what they thought was a hand to hand drug interaction among a crowd of people in front of a 7/11 on Coolesville Road. and Ramsey Avenue. When officers went to investigate what was happening, no drugs were found.

Police then proceeded to speak with the driver of a vehicle parked nearby. King, who was part of the original crowd, approached the officers as this conversation ensued and began to yell profanities towards them. When police tried to handcuff King, he allegedly resisted arrest.

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