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Chris Brown's Aunt Address Wendy Williams on Her Shady Reporting -@ForeverMeah

Since I work during the day, I usually catch the Wendy Williams Show around midnight when they rerun the show on BET at night. I was a tad shock when Wendy Williams said the following on her nationally syndicated television show regarding the recent robbery and assault of Chris Brown's Aunt and LA home: 
“How much you want to bet the aunt was probably in the mix like one of them young aunts doing it big in the club,” 
 She then showed the audience a Selfie photo of the young looking Aunt, who told police three armed men tied her up and locked her in a closet while they ransacked Brown’s mansion earlier this month. Wendy then posed the question as to why Breezy’s aunt opened the door in the first place after she heard a noise outside the house at 3 a.m. 
“Who does that?” said Wendy.
 Aunt Breezy took to Instagram today to set the record straight: 
Look Miss Wendy, before reporting your stories get your facts straight!!! First of all I’m not young just well kept by myself and I don’t club!!! I never heard anything outside and I’m a country girl and would never open a door in LA where I’m not familiar!!! I was actually asleep when I was assaulted!! So please don’t plaster my photos and make false reports and add insult to my situation that’s already hard enough and I find nothing funny about what happened here @wendyshow
ForeverMeah says... 
check out what Wendy said in the video below (14:50 mark):

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