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Chief Keef's Associate Capo and 1-year old Killed In Chicago

Chief Keef associate, Capo was reportedley killed in Chicago on July 11th.
The Chicago Tribune reports several shootings, one of which occurred on the 7700 block of South Kingston Avenue on the city’s South Side. A young man (confirmed by friends to be Capo) was shot in the hip and back and taken to the Advocate Christ Medical Center where he was subsequently pronounced dead.
The alleged shooters also ran over and killed a 1-year-old boy sitting in a stroller shortly after the shooting.

A very disturbing video surfaced moments later of Capo bleeding out on the pavement as he had to wait almost 30-minutes for the emergency response team to arrive. 

I will not be posting this video - out of respect for myself and his family.

My biggest issue with the story is the lack of compassion this generation has. Who sits and videotapes someones last moments? Where are you mentally to think this is ok?

Veronica Morris-Moore is a part of an organization called Fearless Leading by the Youth. The group has held regular protests to demand an end to what they call the "trauma care desert" on the city's South Side.

The group was started by 18-year-old Damian Turner, who later became a victim of the violence he was trying to stop. He got caught in crossfire mere blocks from the University of Chicago Medical Center in 2010.

Priest Michael Pfleger, an activist to end violence in Chicago, lashed out with a post on Facebook to Chief Keef. Chief Keef apparently wanted to do a benefits concert to help raise money for his falling associate and the 1-year old who passed over the weekend. However, Priest Pfieger had this to say:
"Chief Keef has announced that he will hold a benefit concert to raise funds for his friend and the Baby who were killed this past weekend....REALLY...Chief Keef is one of the reasons we have all this violence...he has been one of the encourager's of the Violence....." Pfleger writes.
Father Pfleger isn't alone in his sentiments on Chief Keef, who is known for glorifying guns and violence.

"Change starts within. If he really wants the violence to stop, then he needs to stop making that type of music. And, it's a role to redemption, a road to recovery," rap artist Jessica Disu, also known as FM Supreme, said.

"Let's get rid of the violence. Don't think a concert is going to wipe away what you do every day that supports the violence," Father Pfleger said.

Chief Keef's spokesperson confirms he will hold the hologram benefit concert Friday in a Chicago neighborhood, but did not say where.

ForeverMeah says..“Nobody on this earth deserves to die if they have a chance to live.” 

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