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Removal of the Confederate Flag? - @forevermeah

I've heard arguments time and again about how the Confederate flag is no longer representative of slavery, and how it's now indicative of "Southern pride and heritage." But I'm really over the whole "respect your heritage" mantra, especially when your heritage is hate. 
Not only is "Southern pride" rooted in highly problematic histories, but it's also reflective of modern-day racism and injustices. (source)

It's about time we stop pretending the confederate flag isn't a symbol of racism.

Gov. Nikki Haley is throwing her support behind removing the Confederate flag from the State House grounds following a racially charged shooting in Charleston that killed nine African-Americans during a Bible study last week. 

The governor made the announcement during a 4 p.m. news conference after sources indicated she was working with state leaders to formulate a plan to remove the flag. 

Although Haley's call to remove the flag comes as a strong call to action, the flag cannot be removed just yet. According to the South Carolina Heritage Act, the flag may not be removed from the capitol grounds without a two-thirds vote from each chamber of the State House. (source)

How do you feel about the flag? Should it be removed? 

Check out this clip back in 2012 on the Chris Rock Show in regards to the Confederate Flag in South Carolina.

ForeverMeah says...
In Greenbelt, Maryland a few years ago I often frequent the "Buddy Attic" park. As I ran through with earphones and my dogs I often got an uneasy feeling passing the homes with the Confederate Flag flying high. No, I never was taunted or told I couldn't use this public park I just knew as an African American I was not welcomed here. Since I was a child my dad often warned me of the meaning of this flag and how it ties to slavery and racism. Almost instantly I too begun to fear the site of this flag. Naive? maybe but I wasn't oblivious. In most cases this was how "we" determined those that may be racist towards African Americans and non-whites. Prejudice? By default we all are. However how do one move forward if we don't address the elephant in the room? 

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