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Let Me Drake That For You / New Search Engine

Fans of Canadian singer/rapper Drake can now filter out any non-Drake-related search results thanks to the new,Let Me Drake That For You search engine.

A search of different words and phrases on the search engine brings up a variety of songs/videos from Drake, related blog posts, and more.

The search engine also plays various audio clips from Drake and offers quotes from the Young Money lyricist while performing searches.
“#lmdraketfy is like Google, on fleek. Search something, discover how it relates to Drake. Everything you never knew you needed in your life,” a description for the search engine reads. “We've only been here for a quick minute, but we'll continually improve searches and keep content on point.”

The Let Me Drake That For You search engine was created by developer Tyler Smith, with help from Scott Goodell. (source)

ForeverMeah says...

I searched "forevermeah" haha pretty dope :) 

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