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Video: @FunkyDineva Shades @Kandi on #RHOA Review

I don't know about you but I've been waiting for Funky Dineva's show to appear on but it seems like this show ain't happening for the doll. Funky Dineva if you read this "when's the show coming out?" I hope Kandi didn't put a stop to it. I've noticed Funky Dineva has been holding back since last season with his reviews for Real Housewives of Atlanta and I can't help but wonder did his friendship with Kandi halt him from reviewing when Momma Joyce was "acting a  damn fool". 

 Lately, Dineva has been giving us "every blue moon videos" and I was surprised in his recent video he sent shade to "friend" Kandi Burress by saying: 

"...and Kandi done been with everybody in the industry" (3:44 mark)

Although towards the end of the video Dineva did say that him and Kandi are friends but I'm not so sure after his review. 

Check out Funky Dineva's review and shade below and tell me what you think? 

ForeverMeah says...

"acknowledge me when I am right and correct when I am wrong" *sips tea* 

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